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About KW-Systems Chiptuning

KW-Systems have been tuning in Europe for 30 years and have tuned over 10,000 trucks

KW-Systems is based in Aachen, Germany, where the directors of the company learned their trade developing the Volkswagen Turbo Diesels, which is the forefather to all modern turbo diesel engines.

When tuning a vehicle engine, whether it be car, truck, SUV or tractor/ machinery, you must take all the options into consideration. There are things like ‘will the vehicle be changed permanently’, ‘can the change be reversed quickly and easily’, ‘can the change to the engine be trusted’ and ‘does it come from a reliable source’.


Why choose a KW-Systems unit for your vehicle?

  • The unit can be installed in an hour or less in most cases

  • The unit is resin filled, ruggered, tough and waterproof. It will last the life of the parent vehicle

  • The KW-unit has an on off switch. You can turn the unit off so the technician can diagnose the computer to repair problems unaffected by the KW-unit!

  • We do not modify the factory computer in any way. The KW-unit plugs into the computer to intercept the fuel injectors only.

  • You can remove the KW-unit and move to the next car, truck or tractor any time

  • Your KW-unit will cover a range of engines. For example. The same unit covers all Cat C12 from 335 to 505HP. So you can move a unit to another truck or tractor in the fleet

  • Most importantly

  • We find a large variance in most engines outputs due to manufacturing tolerances and minor differences in sensor readings

  • Your KW-unit is adjustable. You can tune the unit up or down to counter the effect of a weak or strong engine due to these discrepancies

  • This means. You can always get the best result with a KW-unit.

  • A down loaded computer map will work better on some engines than others as they are the same.

  • Your KW-unit is made in Germany by a company that has tuned over 10,000 trucks and tractors over a 30 year period.

  • They started doing inter cooler conversions in 1987 to the early turbo diesels. then moved into chip tuning and KW-units for the last 15 years. Why buy from a less experienced company?

 Truck & tractor units

KW-unit Truck Chiptuning

These units are a very high quality unit designed to last the life of the truck. They have a resin filled box and heavy duty cables that connect to the factory computer. Easy to install and a very effective way to add significant power to your truck engine. Superior to changing the software in that you can remove the unit if required, you can simply switch it off if you need to diagnose a problem, and it will make a 100 HP 500NM gain while leaving the factory computer stock. This must be the best result

We can do all types of heavy truck engines with a similar unit that either connects to the computer or directly to the cylinder head to connect to the injectors. The average saving in fuel is 8-11%, and mostly at the 10-11% end. The added torque allows the truck to travel in higher gears or with less throttle to do the same work. This is how we achieve fuel savings. More torque, less fuel.


Light truck, SUV and car units

KW-unit Chiptuning SUV

This is one of our units that connect to the fuel injectors of the engine. We use these units in the complete range of cars, SUV’s, light trucks and tractors. They simply connect to the fuel injectors and allow the engine to have more fuel, which builds more torque. Once you have added torque, you drive in a higher gear or use less throttle to do the same job. This is where the fuel saving comes from. These units are tough, waterproof, well made and are probable the best long term solution to powering up a diesel engine.

The unit pictured is from a Ford Ranger 3.2L 5 Cyl. You will notice the size of the box is much larger than the box in the above picture. That`s because this unit is for an engine with piezzo injectors. These injectors require very high voltage and very complicated electronics to run them. There are but a couple of manufacturers in the world that produce this solution. KW- Systems is one! This is the pedigree of the company.

We have a solution for almost all modern diesel engines with this system. When you see the unit you will immediately see the build quality of the product and its pedigree.

Pre common rail car, SUV & tractor units

 Chiptuning Verteilerpumpe

This is a unit that connects direct to the fuel pump. We use this on the Denso Fuel pump and similar in cars like the 100 Series Landcruiser, Hilux Surf and other pre common rail engines. Very easy to install, very simple and effective.

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